söndag 22 juli 2012

Creative Dinner with feelings

How do you do when you cook? Do you follow the book strictly or do you experiment some? I am more of the experimental kind, adding things to my dinner that I feel would fit in and improve and make it better.

My dinner last night was made that way. I boiled fresh potatoes, and if you have tasted that you know its like eating yam yam directly from Heaven! Its sooo good! I had sea food heated up in oil/ butter, added garlic, saffron, salt and pepper, AND then I got a feeling that spinach would be good to add - picked some in the garden and put it together with the sea food.

I show you all in the photos.... and when you see the final resault - also know that I added some delicious oliv oil with taste of orange on top of it all.

Sea food heated up in oil/butter

Dinner ready to eat!

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