fredag 26 april 2013

Mrs Bumble Bees Friday Speech

Hi Guys:))

Yes here I am again

Mrs Bumble Bee:)))

Basil update 
info about 

The May Flower

 The first May Flower was sold in 1907
The purpose was and still is to 
improve childrens situations helping out when there is lack of money and helping children in need of support in many other ways. 

Its always a spring sign when children start selling them and every year the colours differ

My basils
are growing up more and more
every day
try it you may like it:)

Follow your Heart
Fly and Flow

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi dear :)) And your basilika looks good!! I have tomatos, dill and chili pepper coming up :) my babys :D have a great day
    with hugs!

    1. Hello Dear Maarit! Good to see you again! :) Wow you seem to have some really nice babys growing :) I love this! Hugs - have a great day!