måndag 19 november 2012

Fire and Bread - Baking the old-fashioned way

Twice a year my family and I are baking bread the traditional old-fashioned way. 

The bread is called tunnbröd
but the real name is: "kakunn". 

It is very special and funny doing it

I feel honoured being able of doing it and have done it since I was young

Ladies and Gentlemen here we go!

It all starts with a fire..

..heating up the owen!

Baggböle, eld

The bread is baked in a stonebuilt owen 
heated up with fire

We start heating up the owen, 
 the evening before the baker day

Tunnbröd, bagarstuga

We also start making the dough the evening before the baking-day

this one is made of 6 liter milk

The dough is divided into smaller pieces

 There are several steps 
for making it thin and good enough

Baggböle kavla

Now the cake is ready 
for the owen

Vedeldad ugn

Its warm inside the owen 
and the cake starts developing at once


You need to stay alert and not hesitate 
when the cake needs help to change direction as it gets warmer the more inside it is 
and also by the sides where the fire is.

Gamla tider

A new baked cake

Every cake stay on this place first and then...


... they are kept in an old wood barrel.

Gravad lax

This is the lunch and the main dish"bryta" is: bread broken into pieces, milk and jam. 

Its not just any jam this time it is hjortronsylt
 The berries are sometimes called:
- The Gold from the North.


Dinner time and home made pizza next to go
everyone made his/her own pizza


Its not a joke

- This pizza is a Winner!:)


We made 16 pizzas and 
we were 8 people eating. 

After all this work and enjoyment, 
it was very easy to find resting 
the best thing to do

Follow Your Heart
Fly and Flow

2 kommentarer:

  1. Underbart inlägg, Anna Karin! Älskar tunnbröd och gu' så gott med bryta - har jag inte ätit på hundra år. Här brukar jag göra ett fruktansvärt gott mjukt tunnbröd som gräddas i torr stekpanna (receptet finns i den svenska bloggen).

  2. Tack Eva! Ja, och bryta av färsk-bröd så här...änglarna gråter av lycka :) Men va kul att du oxå har tillgång till att baka lite, ska absolut kolla ditt recept! Kram på Dig!